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Hello again,


I have a simple spam question. I run a website that is a community based site for people with horses. Forums, chat room, classified ads, etc. Part of trying to get members for my site is to "solicit" the site by means including (but not limited to) emailing. I don't buy email names from anyone and they are not just random email addresses. I "collect" email addresses from other forums I participate in (along the same specific horse issues my site is based upon), and from other areas of the web. I then send a sort of "If you like Horses, Check out this site" type of email to all these addresses at once, one time only. My question is, is this considered Spam? And if it is and I had my hosting with you guys, would you pull my site? What about if I send it from the email address that comes with my ISP and not with my domain/website? Just trying to get a grasp on things.



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Unsolicited Email from anyone I don't know is spam.


There is no difference from someone elses list of names collected from whatever means and acquired or purchased by you, and your list. Yes you were selective in your choice which will increase your odds of replies. BUT they did not ask for you to send them an email so its wrong.


My opinion.

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Using the built-in notification feature of Movable Type is unacceptable, because it doesn't have an unsubscribe feature. Even with this hack in use, and a line on the bottom of the e-mail directing the recipient to the unsubscribe form.


So, what are the acceptable "clear and easy ways" to allow a person to opt out of a mailing list? I'm guessing it would have to use an script where the recipient just needs to "click here to unsubscribe" from the list. Correct?

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