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Site Submit Doesn't Work In Cpanel...


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Perhaps this has been covered before, but whenever i try to submit my site through site submit, none of the sites work except google. All the others either time out or give me a 404. I have tried on several different computers and all give the same problem. Am i doing something incorrectly? Or is this a known issue with the system. Btw, how do you find out your "site rank" as you all seem to refer to it. Do you mean that when you search a certain word, you come up a "x" spot? And one finaly question. Not all my keywords were picked up by google. They are very specific, and when i search for them, i don't find them, even tho there are no other relevant websites that even come close to my search. I didn't make my keywords thing very long, i kept it small like you guys said...got any ideas? I appreciate all the help guys, you're awesome.

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Don't use automated site submission (like the one in cPanel). Most (if not all) search engines frown upon their use, much better to submit manually.


As to rank... hmm. We have page rank or SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) this would be the position of a particular page using a particular search phrase.


We also have PageRank (or PR) which is Google's quantitative value of a page's 'importance'.


Have you read Search Engine Optimization - An Overview?


If you follow all the links, you will have a better understanding.


Good luck and let us know if you need further clarification.

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