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Secure Form To Encrypted Email


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can any one help me. I want to have a form on https://server#.totalchoicehosting.com then when

some one submits it i want to go to my web sites

email using gnupg. any thing would be fine---

such as a program,pre written script or just

advice on where to insert a path or script.

.asp would be best for me.

AspEncrypt is a little to high price for me thanks

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Please don't double post questions. We read them all. I have deleted the duplicate post.


Offhand I can't think of anything. I can say that .asp files are not supported so you would need to look for something using php or perl. I would suggest looking at hotscripts.com.

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thank you--- looks like this file might work---- pgpmail.php - PHP-based version of formmail script, using pgp to encrypt the posted values.

author: Eric Sammons, Vansam Software, Inc. (www.vansam.com)

Version: 0.1 if not i will keep looking along those lines

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