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Sample Newbie Website


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The challenge before those non programmers to be webmasters is a daunting proposition. You must learn about HTML, CSS, php, MySql, ASP, XML, FTP, etc.. If one is to acquaint onself with so much before ever realizing a bit of cyber realestate, one is likely to concede to ignorance.


It is a bit reassuring to the unsuspecting to see the immense contributions within a family such as TCH forum. As one reads through these threads, one asks if there could be a sample site visually displaying all or most of the examples shared in this forum to serve as one's starting point from which to build?


Is that Possible? Think of how much more rapidly the development of those webmaster wannabes would be? Would it also further differentiate TCH from the pack? I believe it would, TCH has already taken a giant leap by merely starting this forum....... Rock Sign


Kindest Regards

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Count my vote! I'm brand new to this whole mess, and I am having an elluvatime just figuring out how to make my home page work, let alone how to set up subsequent pages and link them. I ask for help and get told to make sure I save my file as "index.html" but that isn't working. I finally figured out, through trial and error, how to connect my smartftp program, but I still can't figure out how to get a file to upload to the proper place so it will read as my home page. I'm getting very frustrated and I don't know where to look to find this very basic information. All the help pages seem to be geared towards ppl who already have some idea about what they're doing. Some real step-by-step guides for those who are doing this for the very first time would be great. The "Order Complete" e-mail is practically useless in that regard.

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jsrp -


Ok, you've come to the right place! Let's start basic, k?


First what program are you using to create your home page?

You will want to save that page in html format and give it a name of index.html.


Next, when connected through smartFTP, you should upload the index.html file into the public_html directory.


Let's take this one step at a time and we'll try to relieve some of that anxiety. :lol:

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Here are a few links to help a beginner,


ABCs of Building a Web Site



Web Site Building



Start Building Your Site From the Beginning



Beginners Guide to Making a Web Page


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I think i understand what it is your after...


A Great place to learn HTML, and now CSS and javascript although i havnt used that one yet, is:



its briliantly written and at the end of each short chapter theres a place to try out what youve learnt so far.


personally iv found the best way to learn is to find someone who is A) Cool and B)knows whatever it is you wanna know and learn from anywhere u can find stuff, like pscode.com or viewing other peoples html and if u get stuck ask your friend.

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