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Apple Users?

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I'm a few more pay checks away from getting either a dual G4 or a new G5...still quite a hot debate about which is better. Either one will have to be better because I'm still clunking along on my old G3 (pre-pretty-colors) 233. I've had the poor thing since college and hasn't broken down on me yet! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on to get the dual G4 or G5 let me know!



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If I were you, I would have gone for a tower instead of a laptop. You can get a kick-butt G4 for a good price now on eBay. Unless, of course, you just wanted a laptop.

I have a G4 Digital Audio, 466Mhz. I've upgraded everything but the processor. The upgradability is key. I don't have computer envy - this thing is still kicking butt, even with a lowly 466!

P.s. Yes, it's built on unix - so you get a fast, smooth, and clever gui along with the power of unix. that's a good thing, right?

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This would be my first post using the new Apple.


So far I really like everything about the pc. The build quality is good, the keyboard is amazing.


Its taking some getting used to moving from a windows os notebook to os x notebook, but so far I am loving it.


Had one small glitch, I was unable to mount any disk images. I ended up having to re-install os x 10.3


I will post more as I work my way thru this nice little machine.

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i was a long time mac user then ms came out with xp and i bought in to it and yes im still bumming. Yuck! anyways ill be back with a mac soon. lucky for me i still have all the software. i was running 9.2 so ill be starting fresh again with OSX. :hug:

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Congratulations, HG! B)


It's good to know that I'm not alone.


I like being able to run Apache on my local Mac and test out changes, then upload things to my TCH account. One caveat: OS X does not seem to be case-sensitive, and Linux, of course, is.

I hope you enjoy your new machine! Excuse my drool!




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Well, I just did the big huge massive upgrade myself, from an old PowerMac 7500 running 10.0.3 with more bypasses than I care to admit to a new G5 dual 2Ghz with 1 GB RAM running Panther.


I can only say WOW! It is much faster than the Windows box (XP Pro, 2.4 Ghz Pentium IV, 1 GB RAM) performing nearly every task--- woooot


Now of course, most of my software programs are Classic apps and do not run as well in Panther (don't buy the Apple line saying it does--Classic apps run poorly or at least mine do), so I have to take a close look at what to upgrade from my software selection.


I am not disappointed at all!

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Does anyone else remember that contest sponsored by Microsplortch a few years ago? The objective was to send in the funniest sentence containing the words "shorts" and "Microsoft."


Of course, being me, I saw it too late to participate. :lol:


What I would have sent in, had I known in time:


"Microsoft: the last thing you want your date to think when you take your shorts off."


[Note: I couldn't post this as a separate topic because I once again encountered the infamous "Mail error!" page. :( ]

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The cross-posting was not intentional.


My attempt to post the foregoing as a new topic under Open Discussions was apparently thwarted by a "Mail error!" page, so I added it as a reply here instead, not suspecting that my new-topic post had actually also appeared.


Does anyone know why I keep getting these "Mail error!" pages (on at least an intermittent basis) when I try to open a new topic?


As you can see, this bug can lead to confusion.

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OH! I get it. No problem. I understand. The mail error is still causing some headaches, but the forum DOES actually post even if you get the error. Sorry, usually when that happens, folks have multiple posts in the same thread, rather than in a different one. Thanks for the explanation.

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Coming in late on this thread as I'm a new TCH member, but my primary system is a MAC 15" G4 TiBook that I've owned for a year next month, when I switched over from windows on my desktop. I haven't regretted it one bit. Being that the majority of the work I do is on Linux and Solaris systems, having a Unix based kernel, and being able to run most of the software I work with every day, has been a bonus. My Windows PC has been relegated to being a gaming machine. Thumbs Up

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Surprised I didn't see this sooner. I have been in the Apple/Mac camp for a long time, although today the differences don't seem as obvious as they once did.


I currently have a dual processor G4 tower and a Titanium PowerBook G4. I use an external firewire hard drive to keep the two machines syncronized as the PowerBook travels wherever I go and I work on the road a lot.


I also have a Sony Vaio with XP. Can't ignore Windows altogether, but can't get excited about Windows either, not even XP. My first PC was an IBM portable that weighed about 38 pounds and had a five inch amber screen with two floppy drives and 64 KB of RAM. This was about 1982. I worked on the DOS command line for a long time after Windows came out before I finally got Win 3.2 on a desktop machine.


I have a keychain, USB 256MB device that I use to sync files between all of my systems with USB ports, the G4 tower, the G4 notebook and the Sony notebook can all read the files from this little USB drive. Makes moving files from Mac to Windows and back again a snap.


My first computer was an Apple II Plus in 1979 or 1980. My first Mac was 128K Classic in 1984. I lugged that mac in its own backpack through 14 different states while doing research on some books which I created in Ready, Set, Go!, a terrific desk top publishing program that preceded PageMaker. Did all the artwork for the books in Aldus Freehand.


Now, my emphasis is on web based documents rather than desk top publishing, but I still get the occasional contract to do a book. Working on my Macs, I have moved from PageMaker to Word for most all the desk top publishing I do. Almost everyone has Word; lots of people don't have PageMaker or Quark.


With my FTP, Telnet and web editing software on the Mac, I haven't found anything that I needed to use my Windows machine for. The Mac can do it all as far as my needs are concerned.

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I got my first mac when system 7.2 was around - a neat little system. I think I was persuaded by the that darn Simcity game. I've tried to get it going again on the 7200 but I think the hard drive has had its day.


Now its a G4 that was upgraded to 800mhz a few months ago because the processor failed - but its better now, and can handle the new OS.


I do know that an apple a day keeps the IT men away - we use macs at work and never needed to call anyone out (touch wood).


I would find it very hard to move to a PC (I would probably try and trash Windows and put Linux on - even though I know nothing about it).


I like my mac :)

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A fellow told me the other day that he'd give me a "crash course" in how to use a Mac that he was giving my martial arts instructor. I told him that since it's a Mac it's probably appropriate to have a crash course. I couldn't resist. :) Truth is that they all crash (PC and Mac and others) - they're computers, it's their job.


Of course, it's never wise to smart off to a 6th degree black belt. :)

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