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Neat Tool --> Tells Your Position In Google

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Per Google:


Automated "ranking checking" programs violate Google's terms of service. They use server resources that should be spent on answering user requests. We strongly request that you not use rank checking programs to check your position on Google.
From their Terms of Service:


No Automated Querying

You may not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system without express permission in advance from Google. Note that "sending automated queries" includes, among other things:


using any software which sends queries to Google to determine how a website or webpage "ranks" on Google for various queries;

"meta-searching" Google; and

performing "offline" searches on Google.


Please do not write to Google to request permission to "meta-search" Google for a research project, as such requests will not be granted.


Do you have 'express permission'?


If not, you and anyone affiliated with such practices are asking for potential penalties which could result in all out removal from Google's index.

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Another note to admins:


1. This should be moved to Web Promotion.


2. If this is not 'Google Approved', the link should be removed. Actually, I would remove the link now and just add the site address until we have an answer from pkeres.


My two cents.

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I had developed just such a tool only to read the Google info about automated querying. You'd probably get away with it for a while but getting banned from Google could be disastrous if you need them.


I'm very glad to see DsDemmin and others on top of the situation and up to speed with the potential consequences.

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