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Can I Use Eftp?

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From the EFTP site:


EFTP is also able to work in non-encrypted mode with 3rd party FTP clients and servers, but to obtain the most secure level of data transfer, EFTP has to be used both at the client end and server end.


So, the quick answer, without having tried this application is:


In non-encrypted mode, YES.

In "most secure level of data transfer", NO.


Now, I just downloaded and installed and scanned through all of the documentation that I could find. The Server application appears to be for only Windows based servers....I could be wrong, but it seems that this app is best used for creating an FTP server out of your own machine and then making it securely accessible to web users. So, the long answer, No.


Hope that helps, but please correct me if you know something else of this application.

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Thanks Lianna, for checking out eFTP.


How about SafeTP




It has a GNU unix source.


Don, thanks for pointing out. The control panel file manager is secure and good when I update a few files. I've written a program to scan my hard disk for files that requires updating to my site. The program can't use the control panel. SafeTP claims it is completely transparent to client, so perhaps my program can use it. Even if it doesn't it is much easier to transfer large number of files using an FTP client than the file manager, which is pretty difficult to navigate around the directory tree.


By the way, the file manager lacks a simple features. It cannot make a copy of a file in the same directory using a new name (ie "cp a b"). That that is a Control Panel issue, not a TCH issue.

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From the Server Installation Instructions for SafeTP:

Following all of these instructions will require root access (though

the daemon itself does not run as root).  However, a limited form of

sftpd (specifically, where it listens to a nonstandard, unpriviledged

port) may be installed without root access.


Not on a virtual hosting machine. You may make a help desk request to have this feature added, but I'm not going to give good odds on it.


Can anyone else throw in an idea of how to securely do as alexfung is suggesting?

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