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I don't know how long, but usually from what I found on Google the sites go from DMOZ to [www2 and www3].google.com as a staging area and then in 3-7 days they get over to the "real" google.com site. You can go to each of those sites and search for +mydomain.+com to see if it's there.

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I have not seen a migration to any other search engines.


Not sure what you are thinking here. There is no real 'migration' to any search engines from DMOZ. Now maybe a spider will pick up your link from DMOZ but again, no real migration.


Google's directory is DMOZ based. It also gets site descriptions from the directory, which is why when you look at a Google ranking page that some descriptions are straight from the DMOZ directory.

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AAAaaiiieeeee! Oh, it's you dsdemmin! I didn't recognize you in costume! ;)


I guess Musicfrisk is thinking like me that DMOZ on some schedule dumps its database to other search engines for inclusion. Your reply sounds like that doesn't happen but rather the other SEs just spider DMOZ and get it that way. True? If it is then anyone could claim to power the famous SEs... even the little link farm some spammer has!


The following quote is where I got the idea, especially the term "powers [others]". Is this just marketing hyperbole?


The Open Directory powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others.
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Just because one search engine or directory uses another for links, it does not mean they will rank the sites the same way. This could explain why they are different.

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First, your image links are all broken on your site.


Then in my case why don't they match?


Correct, they do not match... you are not in Google's Directory: http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Music..._and_E-zines/M/


How long ago were you included in the DMOZ directory? This just may be a time issue and remember that Google is still not behaving properly.

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