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Great question. I looked at Movable Type, Greymatter, and some others, but I finally settled on Nucleus. I couldn't be happier with my choice; it was relatively easy to install and customize, even though I have little knowledge of mySQL. Nucleus also has great forums for support, development, plugins, etc.


All in all, a terrific product, and I'm thrilled to be supporting a lesser known but top quality engine.



Digital Emissions

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I use Movable Type, mostly because of its template system and support of standards such as RSS and XMLRPC. There is something very satisfying about setting things up exactly like you want them and then, by merely writing an entry, watching the building or updating of all your blog components being taken care of by MT's engine (albeit the level of customizabilty means I'm always tinkering with a new tip or plugin and enjoying the backend design as much as blogging itself).

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Hey Darq,

I was the same a week ago... wondering about going with a blog. I wanted somewhere I could chronicle my writing adventures. I saw this thread and went out and grabbed Movable Type and it's great. It was easy to follow their instructions to install and it's easy to use. I'm going to be looking at customizing it as I get time but it was pleasantly easy to get started.

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I haven't tried any of the other sites/management services besides Blogger. I host it on my own site, and merely use Blogger to update/post onto my blog. It works out quite well because you don't have to have it on your the Blogger server if you have sufficient space to host it yourself. Plus, now that Goodle purchased Blogger, all of the once "paid" features are now included with your sign up to use their service. Blogger all the way!





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I used to be on Pmachine and it was pretty cool but I didn't like the limitations in the free version. Now i'm with MT and really glad to be using it because of its multitude of lovely plugins as well as the ability to have multiple blogs.


speaking of which, I found totalchoice hosting through david's site when i was looking for more MT plugins, and well, I eventually switched hosts!


Blogger's easy but it's lacking many features - especially permalinks and title fields. it'd be good for people without webspace - but why anybody should use blogger when they have alternatives, is quite puzzling! :dance: (the blogger to MT import function works easily, if you ever think of switching!)

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