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Hello all - unfortunately some miscreant with too much time on his hands decided to mess around with my site, http://www.techautos.com . It appears that he/she used the recent PHP-Nuke admin.php hack to do so.


I investigated the security breach with the other site admins, I have fixed most of the site up, restored passwords, patched up using the newest security update, and am working on other defaced parts of the site.


I do have the hacker's (if he/she deserves that name) information (and some proof):


Online 'name': Lover_Ice

Site: http://www.lover-ice.com


I'm very frustrated at this utter waste of my time, and I know most of the time it's difficult to actually have some authority or the hacker's hosting company, etc. do something about it, but I would like to at least try.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Luckily, most of the content was unharmed, but as I said, I'm mainly frustrated because of my wasted time and effort. :(


Thanks guys :)

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As Mike says, try contacting the host, but other then that, unless you want to involve a costly Law suit that might not even work, there is nothing that can be done about.


I would contact the ISP too and complain about it.


Other then that, keep everything patched and upto date.



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