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What About Domain Add-ons And Parked Domains?

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Parked Domains:

TotalChoice Web Hosting allows you to park more than one domain name on top of the one you are currently using on your account. Lets say you signed up with mysite.com. You could go and register mysite.net, my-site.com, mysite.org, mysite.us and we will park them all on your account so all your domain names lead back to your web site. As long as all the domains are going to the same plan, on the same site, and pointing to the same page you should be good to go. So how do you do it? All you need to do is put in a help desk ticket and we will do it for you on the server side.


Add-on Domains:

TotalChoice Web Hosting does not allow you to host more than one domain from one of our web hosting plans. For an example, lets say you signed up once again for mysite.com and you wanted to also host aseconddomain.com all from your silver plan. You could not. Also we do not allow domains to be pointed at sub-domains. What you would need to do is purchase a separate plan for your second domain.


Note: The above rules are only for our web hosting plans. Our reseller and dedicated plans do not fall under these rules.

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