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Statistic Wanted


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One statistic that I used to see was what percentage of individuals were using 800 x 600 vs other resolutions.


I don't see that in AWSTATS listing. Does anyone know a way to get this information?



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I read a couple threads concerning MiscTrackerUrl. Sounds like AWStats can be expanded to include more tracking, but would have to be done on a global basis. Are there any plans to expand AWStats tracking?


From posting on Aug 22 2003


Version : 5.6+


MiscTrackerUrl can be used to make AWStats able to detect some miscellanous

things, that can not be tracked on other way like: ...


...Therefore, AWstats has global settings which can not be changed individually... this might be the case here...


Thanks for the tip re javascript tracking. Since I had it free at my previous host for the company site, I didn't think it would be such a difficult item. It was such a nice feature, one of the few statistics they offered. TCH's AWStats truly do a much better job overall.



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