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I've been using PHP-Nuke for my site, http://www.techautos.com, since it was launched in May, but due to the inherent issues (inefficiency in news updating and articles of the sort on TechAutos, etc.) that come with a generic system like PHP-Nuke, I'm pondering the idea of creating a custom solution for the site.


Although I'm using PHP-Nuke, I just know enough PHP, etc. to pass by working with some mods, etc. Development-wise, I've worked a lot more with Microsoft languages (VB, VB.NET mainly) though and basically I know that if I do go for a custom design, it'll have to likely be based on ASP.NET.


So my question is, assuming a time frame of at least a year or so, would TCH consider running the Mono project (which is porting the .NET framework to Linux)? Ideally, a Windows box would be nice, but working with the RH Linux boxes, I would assume that's the only way to run an ASP.NET site on TCH.


Any ideas or comments?

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Last I knew, we where not going to support ASP in any form, including that of .net






P.S. Although quite a lot of programs on other OS replicate what windows does to run such packages like .net, I have to admit, if you want to run a windows based script like VB, ASP, there is nothing better then to run it on a windows box.

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