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Default Address Maintenance


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Something happened with the cpanel update. My default address for my domain had been nOthingsPecial-123+tastewar.com, but this a.m. it was re-set to tastewar. When I attempt to change it back, the plus gets lost, so even though I get this msg back from cPanel:


All unrouted e-mail for tastewar.com is now going to nOthingsPecial-123+tastewar.com


when I view the config for default addresses, it shows:

tastewar.com: nOthingsPecial-123tastewar.com


If I use an @ instead of the + it fails with an error:

... does not refer to a valid email account or alias. The default address has been set to the main account.


If I don't have the +tastewar.com at all, the update takes, but mail bounces because nOthingsPecial-123 isn't a valid username on server16.


How can I get this fixed to how it used to was?



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