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When I sign in to cpanel, and click thru the email links to sign onto Squirrel Mail, it signs me on automagically to the account with the same name as the cpanel user. If I click logoff, and logon again it does the same thing. I never get prompted for the user, as I do in Horde.


How do I get The Squirrel to ask me which of my email accounts I want to deal with?



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Hello, I am just new here but here are what I have discovered (please all the gurus out there correct me if I am wrong :()


If logged in the cPanel, clicking on the WebMail link and choosing the SquirrelMail option, you will be sent directly to the Main mail account of your domain. This I believe (do not require a login as it uses the same as your cPanel)


Now if you need to do some admin on any of your accounts, just go to the Manage Accounts section. There you will see a list of all the available accounts (including the main account) with options to change their configs, read their content etc...


Clicking on the Read Webmail option for an acount will ask you for the Username + Pass for that account... then choose a SquirrelMail and there you are...


"But this is still only accessible from the cPanel I hear you say"...

OK then, here is the last otion I know of, (this will work for anybody having an mail account on your domain)

Open your web browser, type:




then on the login page enter your username (something@yourdomain.xxx) and password... and here you are... :dance:


Hope this help!!



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I can see the instructions to logon directly into horde and neo mail.

I downloaded the script to logo into sqmail from a webapage, but I don't know the link I must use.

I've tryed the defauly our.host.com/mail/src/redirect.php (obviously I relpaced your.host.com with my own) and didn't work.


What do you suggest me?

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