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How to create read only access to part of my site to a set of users


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I need to allow a small set of users (initially only one) read only access to some of the files on my site, but not all. Other users (initially me) need full read write access to the files. Is there a way to do this? Can a symlink provide read only access to a file or directory, while another symlink provides read write access? And can I then provide FTP access to the symlink to this user, without providing him with access to everything else on the site? If so, how do I create these symlinks? Can I do this via a cron job?

Thank you - Rowan

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Hi Rowan

Symlink permissions are irrelevant. Users are only prevented from using on a symlink by the permissions of its parent directory and the target file. Also, FTP access cannot be set as read-only. What you can do is create ftp account for different users with separate target folder so that they can have access only to the respective folder

Thank you,

Kris Sand
Technical Support
TotalChoice Hosting Inc.

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