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Interesting New Tech: Glamos


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Hey TCH-Family,

Today we’re going to change it up and talk about the new crowd-funded device, Glamos, that aims to make all of your technology as interactive as touch screen devices.

Glamos uses LIDAR technology to detect a user’s hand movements to control whatever device it’s plugged into. The motion sensor can connect to everything from smart TVs to a tablet through Micro USB 5pin or even Bluetooth with the higher end option. With its small size of 1.5 by 1.3 inches it can be placed just about anywhere the user decides. Its design features a rotating mirror that scans for movements at 40Hz allowing it to detect hand movements within a 3-foot radius with very low latency. This radius is much larger than other similar devices on the market meaning it will be easier for users to adapt to whether it’s to control something as small as a smartphone or as large as a tv.

Glamos motion controls will match those for devices with touch screens from tablets and smartphones to laptops. With its motion sensor it will be able to recreate touch screens in the air for users to swipe and “tap” the 3 ft motion range to control their device the same way they always have. What we at TCH think is cool is its ability to control devices that don’t have touch screens. Whether it’s for controlling a presentation with a swipe in the air to move to the next slide to “tapping”  an invisible touch screen in the air to navigate smart tv menus. As motion sensors start to become popular the possibilities are sure to grow.

Though this motion capture technology is still in its infancy when it comes to consumer products and Glamos is still in its crowdfunding phase we’re excited to see how this technology advances and if it becomes as incorporated into our daily lives as touch screens have.

Until next time, thanks for reading and feel free to say hi on social media or the TCH-Forums!

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