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Home Page Error Message - Chrome Only


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Any idea why I would get this error message (Chrome only) when accessing the home page of my website?  And there is no "default.html" file in the public directory (I've checked). Error doesn't appear when using Firefox or Edge.  

This is when only entering only hydroxystudy.info

Sure, if I enter www.hydroxystudy.info it works.  But not everyone will do this.

Upon further testing, it appears the problem is related to Chrome automatically redirecting to https (secure).  Firefox and Edge don't do that.  However, there seems to be some interaction with TCM as well - such that the error message would be displayed.

chrome error.jpg

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I had tried to recreate the error by browsing http://hydroxystudy.info/ in chrome browser and website just loads fine for me. You can check the attached screen shot to verify. So this might be just a local browser cache issue on your end. Try clearing complete browser cache in Google chrome and re-try again. You can refer below given documentation for help in clearing browser cache in Google chrome and make sure you only clear cache and not cookies.





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Also Chrome might force to secure url https://hydroxystudy.info/ but since you do not have an SSL certificate installed this should be also a reason. Noe that you can enable free SSL certificate we are providing. Free SSL provided by Let's Encrypt which you can install for your account by logging into cPanel and traversing to Security - Let's Encrypt. But note that forcing  secure page on your website is dependent on website design and once you have enabled free SSL certificate you will have to contact your web developer for configuring your website to use and force SSL on it. Your website is a Wordpress installation so you can take advantage of any Wordpress predefined plugins specific for this purpose like WP Force SSL or Really Simple SSL.


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