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My organization is considering moving from a proprietary membership site to WordPress. The main issues for us are 1. restricting content. 2. custom membership registration fields and ability to import and export membership records (we mail a quarterly publication and need to create a mailing list from the membership records). 3. PayPal as a payment gateway. 4. Admin must be able to add members (some pay by mail.) 5. membership directory nice, but not a necessity like the other requirements.

I have a test site set up and everything works as expected right now, but no membership plugin is installed.

We will be using WPdataTables and Wordfence. The datatables link to files stored in our (free) non-profit Google Drive account. It works as expected with no delays or glitches.

My assessment of Restrict Content Pro, Member Press and Paid Membership Pro Indicates Member Press may be our best bet. I am shying away from the others because custom php code is required to create member record fields. This could be a problem as we need this to be pretty turn-key for the users that may follow me.

1. Does anyone with experience in any of these plugins have any comment?
2. Will I need an SSL certificate or will Let's Encrypt be sufficient?
3. I have free Ashe template installed right now, works fine and looks clean. Any comments on a better theme for use with a membership plugin?

Thanks for looking at this.

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1. Different plugins, free/paid ones may provide different features. You can select appropriate one as per your requirements but as for Member Press, we can assist you in initial setup.

2. I found Member Press works fine with Let's Encrypt which we are providing for our shared/reseller clients. It can be simply enabled via main cPanel interface > "Let's Encrypt" option. Just need to make sure that the domain points to TCH server otherwise SSL issue process won't complete.

3. I would suggest you keep using the one you are familiar with but it's also recommended to use newer ones that may provide more features/options. It's all up to your convenience, how user friendly it is for you. However considering feedbacks from experienced users is also suggested, you may find a better one.

In any cases if you need help from hosting side, you are always welcome! Please use our help desk at https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/ 


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