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Arcadia :: Migration Notice

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As part of the continued improvements to the TotalChoice Hosting  server farm, we will be migrating all accounts on this server to a new server between April 5 - April 10. This will provide you with more power, stability and potential to further expand your business.

You will not need to make any IP changes or DNS modifications from your end if you are using our nameservers. If you are using external nameservers or pointing the domain via IP from outside, you may need to update the IP to the one mentioned below. Please note that this needs to be done only after the migration is reported as completed in our forums.

old hostname :: arcadia.tchmachines.com
new hostname :: walton.tchmachines.com 
All IPs will be migrated to new server.
New Main IP:

As always our technical support team will be online to attend your queries.

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Migration is complete. We are closely watching the server to ensure that it settles in. If you need any assistance, please open a ticket via our support desk,  we will gladly check it out.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation all along.

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