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Can I run Python/Selenium on TCH?

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I have developed a Python/Selenium script to automate some web operations that I need to do. I have this successfully running on my local PC. Can I upload this to TCH and run it there, so that I can then give other users access to it? This would seem to require a browser (I'm currently using Chrome) to be running on TCH (maybe headlessly) so that Selenium can send commands to it. Can this be done? How?

Thanks - Rowan

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Hello Rowan,

Yes, we do support python on our servers. Its binary is located at /usr/bin/python. Current python version is 2.7.5 and it comes bundled with cPanel. I see that you have a couple of python scripts in your account. Please note your site is hosted on shared hosting environment so there are some restrictions. If you find any issues and for instant help, please submit a support ticket here


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