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How to set an NS record in Zone Editor


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I think what I need to be able to do is set an NS record to get a subdomain to point to a different host, but I don't see NS record as an option in the cPanel Zone Editor (though cPanel docs suggest it should be there).

Here is my setup....

Domain purchased through third-party (Namecheap in this case). There I have the nameservers set to NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM

At TCH I have the main domain web hosting and several sub-domains that all work fine.

I also have a need to add a subdomain on a different host (Digital Ocean "droplet" in this case, as well as a future in-house automation server) and need to get name server to serve up the non-static IP address for them. In this case I need drop1.<mydomain>.com to get looked up by ns1.digitalocean.com (and ns2. as backup).

How do I do this in cPanel?


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Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Adding/modifying option for NS records isn't available for shared hosting accounts as required NS records gets added on the server during account setup. In order to point subdomanis to different host, you can only adjust "A" records to the destination IP address. Note, nameservers can be changed for primary domains only not for subdomains. Please submit a support ticket at http://support.totalchoicehosting.com/ and let us know if you have any other questions.


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