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My site is http://www.reiki-seichim-masters-australia.com/ and I am trying to increase my rating under the search engine heading of "reiki". I've been told that if I increase the amount of times that "reiki" in put on my index page that this will help me. Can someone let me know if this is true, before I start doing alterations.


Also any further advise on how to increase my rating under the heading of "reiki" would be greatly appreciated.


Also I would like to thank all people who have given me all the great advice that I have recieved up till now on this forum. As this is my first attempt, all the advice that has got me this far has been very much appreciated.


woooot Rock Sign Thumbs Up Thanks to all. Steve

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I'm no expert by any means, that's Scott's job :) but I do know that it is all about key words. Key words are useful in the title, meta-keywords, the beginning of sentences, in header tags <H1>, etc, and in general text content of your site.


Beware, though. If you have it just covering the entire page, especially if it is repeated (like <Title>Spam, spam, spam, spam</title>) the engines may think you are spamming them and will demote or even de-list your site. The keywords have to be wrapped with reasonable amounts of text to make it informational. Your site is good in that you have a lot of good information on what reiki is and that helps.


Also, do not try to put your keywords on the page and disguise them by making the text the same color as the background or other tricks. These will almost certainly get you kicked off the engines.


Hope it helps! Make sure you go back and read the entire thread - there has been great advice and it's all still here! :)

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Thank you for your comments. Thumbs Up

I am toying with the consept of taking away the buttons on the lefthand side of my site


and replacing them with similar to this site


so that I can get a description next to them, thus getting the Key word "reiki" on the index page more often.

Will that help my rating also.


Steve (newby)

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Did you read SEO thoughts on your page?


Before you do anything I would address those points first, I promise it will help. Once these are completed, feel free to post back with ideas/questions.


Good luck.

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