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Cataloguing photos


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I am searching for the best way of storing, cataloguing and making available all the family history related photographs that I have. I have literally thousands of photos passed down to me from my parents and grandparents, many going back into the 19th century. I am slowly progressing with digitising these, and photoshopping them to remove the most obvious blemishes and deteriorations. I would like to make these available to me and to members of my family and their descendants now and in the future. Ideally for each image I would like to store:
Date of photo
Who took it
What the event (if any) was (e.g wedding, picnic, tennis match)
List of people in the photo, with each of their ages at the time (or this can be worked out on the fly from the date of the photo and the birth date of the person).
Things of interest shown in the photo
Where I got it from, and where the master photo is now (i.e. source and repository)
Quality rating
Interest rating (maybe this comes by letting each viewer of the image give it a star rating)
Activity (e.g. scouting, camping, hiking, sailing)

Ideally I would like the system to have some kind of automatic facial recognition function to make it easier to give every face in the pictures the right name. I am already using Tag That Photo to do this on my photo collection, which works reasonably well.
Then I would like users to be able to select photos that meet a set of criteria (e.g. all the pictures of my grandparents when they were in their 20s, or all pictures of my ancestors in India), and to sort them as they wish (e.g. by age of the main person, or by date taken, or by surname of people)).
I don't want to have to upload the masters of all my pictures to the internet, since these are an invaluable resource. So I want to keep the master on my local system here (which is regularly backed up). But ideally the system should be available via the internet, maybe as part of my family history site generated by John Cardinal's Second Site program from my database in The Master Genealogist.

Can you recommend a good way of doing this, and good software to use? Or point me to sample web sites that offer this sort of functionality?

Do any of the gallery programs offered by Softaculous offer the ability to filter and sort photos using IPTC and/or EXIF tags? That seems to be the best way to go...

Thanks - Rowan


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