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Database connection failed

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My site has been running smoothly for a long time (10 years?). But today, we found it no longer connects to the database.

Below is the code that has been in place for years. Obviously, the items are all variables and I changed the values to protect the innocent.

Can anyone help me? The last thing that is hit is:     echo 'Set Connection';      Which is only there to script test. Thanks!


    var $dbhost = 'localhost';
    var $database_name = 'database_name_here';
    var $dbusername = 'username_here';
    var $dbpasswd = 'password_here';

    function ConnectToDatabase()
      /* Database Stuff, do not modify below this line */
      echo 'Set Connection';
      $connection = mysql_pconnect("$this->dbhost","$this->dbusername","$this->dbpasswd")
      or die ("Couldn't connect to server.");

      echo 'Select DB';
      $db = mysql_select_db("$this->database_name", $connection)
      or die("Couldn't select database.");

      echo 'End';



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Hi Erin

mysql_pconnect extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0, and it was removed in PHP 7.0.0. This issue was occurring because your site was set to use our default PHP version, which we recently changed to PHP 7.3. You can view our announcement of this change and how to select a different version at https://blog.totalchoicehosting.com/2020/03/notice-default-php-version-change/

To correct this for your sites, we have set your site to use the older PHP 5.5 version via cPanel and it appears to be loading fine. I recommend contacting the author of your script to see if they offer a newer version that supports PHP 7.

Please check and if you are still facing any problem, submit a ticket at  https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/ and select department as technical and mention the issue to be resolved.  We will be glad to help.

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