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Web Rings - Good Or Evil?

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The TCH Family has given such great input on other things I've pondered, I have another.


Should a serious, small, need-the-links, business site use a webring to get links and visits?


I fear that it would bleed off customers from my client since the other ring members are competitors by definition. The incoming links would be helpful, I think, and we may catch a few customers but would we lose more than we get?

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Well, I think web rings have their place, but I don't think they belong on any sort of commercial site (the whole compteitor thing is a very good point)


I've usually seen them on automotive sites (my biggest vice) in order to take you to even more enthusiast sites--and in my opinion, that's just the sort of thing they should be used for.


Of course, this is all just my opinion; but if we get too many more Jims around here, we may end up the majority :dance:

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From Google:


Fiction: Joining a link exchange or "free-for-all" link program will boost my rankings.

Fact: Linking schemes do not increase a given site's PageRank, and will often do a site more harm than good. Many sites that advertise link-sharing programs not only offer little value, but will distribute your email address without your permission, resulting in an increased volume of unwanted mail to you.


I would not call them evil, but I definitely would not recommend them.

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First Jim...


A bit off the subject but is there anything the captain doesn't supply or do you just have to bring yourself?


I am in need of links on my site, but I wouldn't use an exchange. I think it takes from the feeling of a "real" business and gives it an "I'm just playing at this" kind of feel.

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I agree with all of the above.


Every business has a handful of vendors that they write regular checks to. These usually aren't competitors. Ask the captain which vendors get his business. Approach them for links. If they don't have a site, you've got a new prospect. And the link is very relevant.


Repeat as necessary. Theoretically, you could have an endless chain of new business expanding out geometrically. Of course it won't work that way, but it's as good a place to start as any.


It can also be done the other way. Does he have any corporate clients? Do they have sites? Would they give him a link for nothing? Would they do it for something that would be valuable to them (full day fishing for half day price?) which costs the captain diddly squat.


Does the marina where he keeps his boat have a site? Yes: link. No: website client.


Where does he buy his bait? His fishing tackle, rods, and reels? Who made his boat? His navigation system? His fishfinder? His polarized sunglasses? Which camera shop develops the pictures of the fish?


The captain could write an article and send it in to the local rag in Key West (which probably has a site) and he could get a link from them... plus good advertising. If he doesn't like to write, have a local grad student (or professor) write an article for him. Ghostwriting happens all the time. Ask Hillary Clinton. She didn't 'write' her latest multi-million dollar book... she gave her ghostwriters 'guidance' and 'parameters'.


Not all of these are golden winners... but maybe one or two will get your creative juices going.


PS - One of my clients is a dealer for sprint phones... business keysets. He does a lot of business with Sprint... but really a drop in the bucket compared to all of their business. But I told hime to call his Sprint rep and ask for a link. Do they? Can they? Would they?


Turns out...


No they don't... but yes they will... he'll be the first. If we can get sprint to add the link to their site the way I want them to... oh boy. Wanna talk about relevant and high quality?!


Not bragging... but if Sprint will do it for my phone salesman, there's no reason not to ask the biggest vendors of your client. Just don't expect it to happen overnight.


Large corporations measure policy changes in epochs.

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Hey, great info everyone! Jack, you must be like a billionare with all the great ideas you always have. Thanks.


Rob, I'll PM you with the details of the business - don't want to use the forums for commercial things y'know. :(


Thanks for the google take on it too - guess I need to re-re-read their info to stay up on things, eh?

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