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Emails from my domain going to spam folders


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Shot in the dark here - I have my own domain and email addresses associated with it. A number of people have told me recently that my emails keep ending up in their spam/junk folders. I'm not sending out newsletters with this, just ordinary emails.

Is there anything I can do on the back end to get certified or something so I don't get trapped by filters on the other end? 



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Emails getting delivered to Junk mail is always result of the spam / filter rules set at the receiving side. This could be because of the content of the emails, how restrictive the filters are etc. Since this process is taking place at the receiver's side we would need the complete headers of one such email that ended in the spam folder along with the original email so that we can try see what is going on. Once you have the headers, please open a ticket via our support department with as much info as you can give so that we can look into it.


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