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sub domain redirection

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Hi all. 

One of my joomla sites used to redirect to m.mysite.com if someone was using a mobile/cell phone. The subdomain was hosted by a third party via a CNAME redirect to their servers.

I no longer want to use their service and deleted the DNS record. I then noticed that search engines such as Bing still link to  m.mysite.com.  Not wanting a "page not found" I though that I could add a CNAME record to point it back to mysite.com

That just leads m.mysite.com  to a cpanel page suggesting that someone has messed things up.

How can i redirect m.mysite.com to mysite.com. Using A records to point at the shared hosting IP address just results in a page not found message?

Should I just delete the new record and then create the m subdomain in cpanel and then redirect that to the root domain?

My head hurts...


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Thanks for the reply Balakrishan.

If I delete the CNAME entry via WHM and then log into cpanel and try to create the m. subdomain (with a view to then redirecting it) I get the following error



There was a problem creating the sub-domain:

You must choose a docroot that the system does not reserve.



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