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Looking for Outlook 2016 setup tutorial

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Outlook 2016 + my domain on TCH are driving me insane. I can't for the life of me configure the thing - Outlook only offers very basic configuration options (even when I choose their "advanced" setup). My theory is it's trying to connect with only the "before-the-@-sign" part of my e-mail as username, instead of TCH's default of name@domainname.com

If anyone could please point me to a guide on how to accomplish this (admittedly very technical and complicated) task, please post here.

Oh, and while we're at it, I think CPanel could maybe offer config files for post-year 2000 Outlook, if indeed newer versions of Microsoft's finest e-mail client offer their poor users the chance to use such a thing in the first place.

Thanks in advance!

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