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Building site while domain is forwarded elsewhere


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This may be a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway…

I've been a TCH customer since, I think, around 2006. Currently have several sites here, including my main business site (sigmadog.com) with no problems. I like working with TCH.

Recently I've started a new web-based business on the side, PetArtWorks.com. I purchased the domain through TCH and currently have it forwarded to a section on my main business site. But I've decided it's probably a good idea to house it on its own site to avoid confusion.

So I'd like to purchase hosting for PetArtWorks.com and build the site while the domain is still pointed at my Sigmadog.com site, and then redirect it to the new site once it's done. I'm sure this is possible, but I'm just a dumb art guy and want to make sure it can be done easily without major issues. 

Thanks for your help!


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Firstly, having a second domain point to different content on a domain on a virtual/shared server is against the AUP:


You may only host one domain per virtual account; resellers are allowed to host unlimited domains.

So yes, purchasing a second account or a reseller account (where this is allowed) is what you need to do.

Then, either point the second domain to the new hosting account, or set it up through the Webhost manager (if using a reseller account).

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