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Inconsistent Subdomain Inavailability

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I've contacted support about this but they offered no solution, so I was hoping someone more knowledgeable could give me some insight into why this might happen:


Sometimes when I attempt to access a subdomain on my site, a subdomain that exists and has been accessed before many times, I'm greeted with the "Server not found" or "This site cannot be reached" error page.


When I put in a support ticket about this, Support responded that they could access the subdomain just fine from their location. The subdomain is also accessible from other machines, albeit inconsistently.


What could possibly cause this behavior?

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"Server not found" or "This site cannot be reached" errors means, you are having connection issues to server from your local machine and this can happen due to many reasons including firewall block on server, local DNS issues on your end, network issues, etc. This needs to be debugged live to see exact reason. If you see this happen again, can you contact support department once again. You can either open an helpdesk ticket or contact us on live chat. Link to live chat can be found on below given url.



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