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Tch A Movie? Or Commercial?


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as you know iam filmmaker www.theent.com and i ahve currently have 3 days free

and i love TCH so much that i want to make a short film dedicated to them...

but i would to hear ur ideas,

share here and you might get credited in credits

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Would it be animated or live-action?


(A great animated start would be like the AOL commercial with the little guy running on the treadmill but then he goes flying back off the treadmill... but it seems you're more into live-action).

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Ok, a spy-guy type is running (after or from someone?) and he steps on a wooden platform seen from the side that has Windoze 2000 on it and he crashes through it, but he's ok...


Then he jumps into a car with the license plate ERTHSTNK or ZERONET or something and as he starts it up and gets ready to floor it smoke comes out from under the hood and he has to get out and hoof it some more...


Then he gets to a sleek, modern, high tech building that's immaculate and looks like it's from 100 years from now and the sign says "Total Choice Hosting Headquarters" and he goes inside the high tech Las Vegas-style control room and tracks his bad guy, releases the net over him at the flip of a switch and sits back to enjoy his martini while watching a screen flash to his website "Guy Bershard - Private Spy".


Of course this could be a big-budget thing but it's some ideas for ya to play with -- afterall, you didn't say they had to be good! :dance:

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