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Guest schussat

A couple more captions:


To the sign: No stopping or standing. Keep mooooving.

From the kid: "Step back? Okay. Farther? Okay. Here? No? Okay. Another step?"



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thought I'd just add text captions to save a little server space...


"Steve Dave poses at the marker commemorating his first confirmed UFC sighting (Unidentified Flying Cattle)"


"The beef industry's response to Chick-Fil-A's anti-cow advertisements."


"Caution: Depressed Cows Ahead"


"Caution: Cow-Lemming cross-breeding facility ahead"


"Unable to find a human volunteer for their 'right-to-die' statement, heavy metal band 'Hell on Earth' turned to a cow suffering from mad cow disease."


"Failed Chick-Fil-A marketing campaign #3"


"After this sign was posted, the herd never tested Farmer Red's 'No mooing after 4pm' policy again"



good lord that first one is cheesy ... but it had to be said

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my contributions:


Watch for falling stocks




Mad Cow Sanitarium Ahead, Watch for Escapees




Got milk?


Public Service Announcement: A car without a driver is a cow-tastrophe waiting to happen.


Warning: Bovine Boulders Ahead!


Moo Juice Ahead: Slippery When Wet


Public Service Announcement: This is how milk is really homogenized.

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