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Bancroft Php Upgrade


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Per our recent announcement, this server will be receiving planned PHP upgrades this month. The exact date/time for the upgrades will be announced here at least 24 hours in advance and this thread will be updated as we progress.


The default version will be PHP 5.6 for all customers that dont currently have a specific version set.


We recommend clients keep their scripts up to date and review them for compatibility. Incompatibilities between PHP versions can be found via the URLs below:






Please note that the deprecated PHP version 5.3 will be removed entirely.


We thank you for choosing TotalChoice and our technical support team will be online to address any questions or concerns.

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PHP upgrade is complete. If you are seeing issues with your site, please ensure that the scripts, themes, plugins etc are updated to the latest stable version and that they are compatible with the new PHP versions. If the problem persists, open a ticket to our help desk so that we can look into it.

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