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Wordpress Multisite - Anything To Watch Out For?

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Would like to change my WordPress install to allow Multisite implementation. I really just want a separate WP site to use while I practice some things and muck around with code without affecting my actual site.


Other than backing up my site before I make the change, is there anything else I should keep in mind? Any TCH restrictions on implementing multisite?





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If your goal is testing code, plugins, themes, and other changes, then I do not recommend using a multisite setup. You will still have to manage adding most themes and plugins via the main account, as well not all themes and plugins support muiltisite. If you ever decide to stop using multisite, the process is not as simple as enabling it, this includes manual removal of tables from the database.


It sounds like you need complete and finer controller of things that you may eventually implement on your main install of WordPress. If that is the case, I recommend creating a sub-domain and then installing WordPress there for testing.

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Thanks Dick. I assume that means that any themes, plugins or other changes on the main site will NOT be applied to the subdomain and I will need to re-install if I want to use or test those? Sounds like it's a completely separate WP install from scratch?


Also looks like I can't use Softaculous to do the install but have to do it manually on the subdomain?

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