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Ftp Features

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When you migrated "newyork" to "brute" you took away the SFTP access that had been there for many years.
Will you also remove SFTP access on "halloway" with this migration?

(Your claim is that we can use SSL FTP instead of SFTP, but SSL FTP doesn't preserve file permissions (mode) or time stamps, which makes it useless for web site updates.)

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SFTP was offered years back as a tool for clients to securely connect to the server. This was something that we hacked into the server configs. Once cPanel started offering FTPS as default which served the purpose of secure connection, we decided not to offer it on the new builds and kept the service on the older servers. We cannot implement it on the newer builds for a lot of reasons including it being a manual and non-standard setup, having to tunnel ssh protocol which has lots of security implications on our shared setup etc. Our goal is to get our servers 100% compatible with cpanel so that all future upgrades, new features etc from cpanel can be adopted on the servers with little or no modifications needed on the server side as well as client side.


So yes, I am afraid SFTP will no longer be available on the migrated server.

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What file transfer protocol should I use that preserves both permissions (mode) and time stamps?

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I have split this discussion off as it is more appropriate for it to have its own thread.



Concerning FTP/S on our servers, they fully support MDTM, MFMT, as well as CHMOD. How these features are used and if time/permissions are preserved is all dependent on the configurations and ability of your FTP client.



Please see the following truncated logs that illustrate these features are available and work.

i Control connection successfully established to address ''.
< 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
< 211-Extensions supported:
< 211 End.
< type=file;size=0;modify=20150512162041;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=862;UNIX.gid=860;unique=803g25c1b2c; robots.txt
> CWD /public_html
< 250 OK. Current directory is /public_html
> MFMT 20140512134523 robots.txt
< 213 UTIME OK
> Operation(11340006): SITE chmod 664 robots.txt
< Operation(11340006): 200 Permissions changed on robots.txt
i Operation(11340006): Changed permissions on file system item: /public_html/robots.txt
< 221 Logout.
i Control connection closed normally.




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