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I'm now using a local ISP, but will be moving soon and will have to change my email address. I want to set up my email so I receive it at my TCH website www.videoarts-jc.com . I've set up a new account joel@videoarts-jc.com using cPanel and a new account on Outlook Express, but when I try to send an email using Outlook Express to that new address it does not appear in Neomail or Horde. What am I missing? Where is the email going? I need this working BEFORE I change the email address on my website. Thanks for your help.

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Where are you sending the email from and to?


If you send it from another account - say jc@videoarts-jc.com to joel@videoarts-jc.com does it work?


When you say it doesn't appear in Horde or Neomail does it appear elsewhere - ie in Outlook Express when you connect? If so have you got Outlook express automatically deleting it off the server? That would remove it from Horde & Neomail.



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Thanks for the quick reply Andy. I'm sending the e-mail from my present (default) address jqcotten@marcocable.com to the new account joel@videoarts-jc.com [incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.videoarts-jc.com] [Outgoing Mail Server (SM): mail.videoarts-jc.com]. I just checked Neomail and Outlook Express. Lo and behold, Neomail is now showing a days worth of email Test messages is sent yesterday. Did someone just throw a switch? I'm puzzled, but it appears to be working now.


Thanks again Andy. I'll get back to you if I encounter any more problems.


Joel Cotten


Marco Island, Florida :)

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