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Beadle Server Issues


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Ever since being migrated from the redwings server to the new beadle none of my sites work, the server is slow, has high CPU load and nothing works! I have submitted a ticket #HST-602-57585, Balakrishnan U said it was resolved but it's not. He stopped responding to emails and no one answers your live chat.


I need answers!

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Same problem here on Beadle. 24 hours and not fixed. Was wondering if others were experiencing this. WordPress and concrete5 sites not working properly. Most websites are working better now but still intermittent slow loads. cpanel loads slow. email does not work at all. No FTP access. Clients are not happy.


One thing I found for the sites that do not work at all, such as WordPress, is to use php select in cpanel and pick 5.5, that made my sites display something other than a blank page.

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Hey Guys,


I am sorry for this issue, we have been tracking this for two days now and have been unable to determine why this server is becoming unresponsive.


We have put a stop to the diagnostics and will be moving beadles drives into a brand new server.


This will be taking place soon and has been announced here : https://forums.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?showtopic=45462


Once again I am sorry for this issue and I have personally undertaken this task and am doing everything in my power to get it corrected.


Please follow the above linked posts for updates to the minute.


I welcome any feedback here as well.



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