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The Site Cant Be Reached

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Any known issues going on with www.totalchoicehosting.com? I have tried a few times to get to it (along with my hosted site) and both load super slow, and then end with the site cant be reached. I can get everywhere else on the web without issue.


I can also get to this subdomain for the forums, but not the support site?

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I am experiencing the same problems. My domain and email are all acting flaky. My domain was down for hours and its up and down right now. Email is acting strange. Timing out or not connecting at all. The Totalchoice website is also up and down. Submitted a ticket but have heard nothing back. Also they posted nothing on their Twitter or Facebook accounts notifying anyone that they are having technical issues which i find stupid. Can't imagine they aren't aware of the problems.

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Please accept our apologies for the issues you were experiencing. We had a network issue due to which you were experiencing connection and latency issues but this is fixed now. Everything should be working back as normal. Please re-check your websites and if you still find any issues, update us back on our helpdesk or live chat system and we will help you.

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