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How To Retrieve Deleted Email?

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I did a lot of forum searching and couldn't find an answer.

If there was a forum dedicated to email issues - I'd post there.


How do I access email that I've deleted from my local email client (Thunderbird, linux)?


My impression is that such deleted email should still be available on my server.


I'm using imap.

Thunderbird was set to never delete.


I tried checking with webmail clients such a cube and squirrel, but they show the same empty trash box and the inbox only contains current undeleted email.


thank you

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If you deleted the mail from your mail client when using imap protocol, the email should be deleted from the server too. There is no question on that. However, if you deleted those mail within one week, we can try to restore the mail folders from the backup server. To check the availability of the backup, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk.

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A belated thank you to TCH-Alex - responding to my May 2016 post.  

Bernice, I'm not an expert - so maybe someone else will chime in, but here are some ideas to help prevent such events (lost deleted email) in the future.  

Consider using  POP3 mail and setting your email client to "never delete" from server (or maybe delete after 6 months - or a year, etc).  

Get into the habit of archiving more. 

As far as "so what to do, if this won't help?"

Regular backups (you should already be doing this) may enable you to retrieve deleted email (though it may be a pain to find the appropriate files and then view them).   

This has been my strategy, to generously save (archive) mail in about 40 different folders set up in my email client (Thunderbird) and backup daily; automatically to the cloud.   


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