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Redirects For A New Domain Name?

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Our club is thinking of getting out from under the domain name set up by someone else who is no longer a member. We've been using this domain name for many years.


I see it is easy to have a website switched over to a new domain name with just a ticket submission. Can a redirect be created to send those used to the old site domain to the new one? Perhaps with a notice introducing the new domain name?


Can the owner of the previous domain do something to prevent a redirect?


Thank you for any information you can provide.



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Once the domain is purchased by someone else they will automatically be directed there. Unless you own both the old and new domain names there's really not much you can do.


You would basically have to send email to all your users letting them know about the domain name change.

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Hey gang, how do Parked domains work?


I have a client who I have parked a second domain:


Domain: www.theartisanalhouse.com

Parked Domains: theartisanalhouse.com


What I would like is a permanent redirect (i.e. www.theartisanalhouse.com is permantly redirected to theartisanalhouse.com). Right now both URLs are functional... both pointing to the same page but each with a unique URL (which is carried out throughout all the internal links).


How would I go about making only one unique URL (e.g. 301-like redirect)?


Is this possible?


Thanks for any feedback.

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