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Adding Content To An E-mail Link


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Here is an example of your basic e-mail link you see on a web site:


><a href="mailto:mitch@totalchoicehosting.com">E-Mail Me!</a>


Now lets say you wanted to go ahead and fill in the subject line of the e-mail that was going to be sent to you. This is how you can do that, just add:


><a href="mailto:mitch@totalchoicehosting.com?subject=Fan Mail To Mitch">E-Mail Me!</a>


Notice the "?subject=" ? That's the important part to add, then just put your subject line in after it.


So you want to fill some of the content in as well, right? You can do that too! This is what you need to add:


><a href="mailto:mitch@totalchoicehosting.com?subject=Fan Mail To Mitch&body=Mitch, you are the coolest!">E-Mail Me!</a>


Did you notice the "&body=" ? That's what you need to add, then place your content right after it. If you mess up the first or second time, don't worry! Just make sure you follow my examples exactly and you should be pretty well off.


Now I do not know if I've ever gotten fan mail before :( , but now you have little more total choice in your e-mail link coding!

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