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Cutesite Builder 4 Republishes Whole Site Again / Lost Connection

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Hope someone in the know can help. I've used it for years for my website and I don't really want to change as I'm not HTML savvy .

What is happening to me is that all I wanted to do was add a few photos to my huge site and now when I try to publish it will says all of a sudden that you will overwrite entire site do you want to continue. I have no choice as the other choice is cancel so I can't get anything updated.


While overwriting the whole site there will suddenly happen an error uploading /connection. This can happen at anytime during uploading. 5 minutes and once right before it almost finished a half hour later. Very frustrating! What I want to know is there anything I can do to avoid it dropping in mid uploading? Is there anything configured at TCH server that can possibly cause this drop? (Time out flooding etc???).


I want to keep the site like it is and don't want to start over with another program as I have about 150 webpages and 3552 photos.

Any help really appreciated!





Internet connection is fine.



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Checking the server logs, I was not able to see any problems except FTP sessions from your IP getting dropped due to inactivity.


Jan 15 18:09:53 matra pure-ftpd: (xxxxxxx@ip) [iNFO] Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds)

Jan 15 21:52:20 matra pure-ftpd: (xxxxxxx@ip) [iNFO] Timeout (no new data for 900 seconds)


(username and ip commented out from logs)


FTP server terminates sessions that do not show any activity for 15 minutes. This is something that we cannot change as you are hosted on a shared server.

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Deleting the contents does not have any effect on your timeouts. Timeouts happen when the established session becomes idle. Connection becomes idle if the ftp session has finished uploading its batch of files or if there is a network issue between your system and server.

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So I guess that basically I am stuck with paying for hosting that I can no longer do anything with? I have been a customer using it for so many years with this same program with no problems and now all of a sudden today nothing works? Will have to revise what to do and or ask other hosting companies what their situations are facing this type of problem. Thank-you for your help.

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Would be insteresting to know, what was the problem? :)

Don't know what the problem was but I re uploaded everything by doing it in several stages instead of one shot 175mb.

Now I can update just what I need no problem. If it happens again I'll have to do this same thing again. I'm just wondering what causes Cutesite builder to say that the site is being published to a different address than the last time which republishes entire site instead of just updating what I have added ( a photo or some text). Same server same webpage don't understand.

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