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Suggestion For Total Choice


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I have been a customer since about 2003. During that time I have seen the near demise of the independent web page. This is not by accident. All during this time Google has managed to get everyone jumping through hoops trying to get in their good graces while doing everything possible to exterminate everyone except the corporate sites that contribute to their bottom line,


I have always hoped that companies like total choice would figure this all out and fight back rather than offering their necks to the firms trying to destroy them.


My suggestion to Total Choice is to start a search engine that actually finds information on the internet and do an end run around Google. Such a search engine does not have to be perfect. In the beginning all it has to do is provide a way for users to find adtual information. People are dropping off line because there is no longer any real benefit to being on line. There is no way to get traffic and ordinary people have no way to find them. This can all be fixxed.

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