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Wordpress - Uploading A New Website

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I have my website storred here fir a few years now, and I am planning on getting it upgraded soon, based on a Wordpress theme.


1) Is there a tutorial for the procedure of uploading a Wordpress database?


2) Can I work on it while my old website is still online?





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Thanks Bruce that sounds helpful.


Also, thanks Asher for the asking, I may be in a position to do similar.


Is it correct then that one creates an empty database?


Then backs up the existing/working SQL database into a folder (home directory)?


Then asks for the Help Desk to load the backup into the new empty database?


Then create a subdomain and user to use the new database?


Somewhere here ask Softaculous to load Wordpress into the subdomain.


That will give a working copy of the existing website?


Or is there something else I fail to see?




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If you are creating the new wordpress site via Softaculous, you need not add the new empty database. Softaculous will take care of it. Please note that wordpress is heavily driven through database so restoring the old dabase content to the new installation may create issues. You will need to ensure that the old installation is updated to the latest version and that you have a full backup of your account (this can be generated via cpanel) before starting your work.

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