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Problem With Vertical Navigation Bar

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Hello everyone:


I have been working on my first website for a couple of days and I am having a couple of problems that can not find a solution for.


The problem is that every time I place a vertical button navigation bar linking same level pages, the names of the other pages appear properly in their respectives buttons, but the button that should display the name of the current page being view appears as a blank rectangle with a small red X on its corner. I will like it to show the name of the current page.


Also in the navigation bar that shows same level button pages linking to the parent page, the parent page link shows up as UP, I will like it to show the parents page's name, in this case Services. Is there a way of doing this ?


Thank you very much in advance for the time taken in helping me out with this problems.





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the button that should display the name of the current page being view appears as a blank rectangle with a small red X on its corner.


This kind of image usually means that:

A. The picture was not uploaded to the server


B. The code referencing the picture is not written correctly.


Usually, the code might be referencing a picture somewhere instead of where you put it.

For instance, let's say you keep all your pics in a subdirectory called 'images'. Check your HTML code where it says <img src = " >, and see where it is pointing. if the code says, "src = "mypic.jpg" instead of "src = "images/mypic.jpg", then you know it won't show up.


Send a link so we can take a look at it.




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Thank you all for the suggestions given !


I was so frustrated with the problem that I redesigned the navigation structure using manually applied hyperlinks.


I don’t think that I have committed an error making a reference, since I know so little about programming or designing web pages that I am using Frontpage as a pure point-and-click interface. Right now I am trying to understand your explanation, so you can imagine where I am in the learning curve. :(


But, new problems have arisen.


Now that I have uploaded the website for the first time, if you use MS Internet Explorer no link appears in the index.html page, only graphic placeholders. If you click in any of those rectangles/links a page not found error appears.


But if you use Netscape everything works wonderfully, you can navigate through out all pages ( not all links are active since this was a trial upload) without any problems.


Please pardon that the site is in spanish only at this moment.


The URL is www.montufarcpa.com





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AndyB, thanks for the advise. I am going to try it right now.


If I change the directory's name, wouldn´t it cause problems at the server by creating a new directory ?


Right now all files are under \Español, if I change it using Frontpage to \Espanol would it be creating to parallel directories at the server containing the same files ?


How can I change the directory's name in Frontpage without creating havoc in name references ? Could I just rename the directory and uploaded ?


Best regards



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If you change a directory name or a file name WITHIN Front Page, Front Page will take care of all of the references for you. Depending on what you do, it might pop up a box and ask you if you want it to fix the links. Otherwise, it will just do it for you.


Front Page gets a lotta whacks from 'real programmers' but for something like this (and many other tricks) it's a lifesaver!

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At last my site is online ;)


The problem probably was that in Frontpage the name of one subdirectory was \Servicios and certain graphics somehow pointed to \servicios. What I did was to change every directory to small letters and magically the problem was solved, at least that is what I think to be the explanation.


I have a long road ahead to reach the look and feel I will like for my site. There are things that from a users standpoint of view seems easy to do, but when you try to program them are hard. Among them the use of php to make pull down menus. Before I got into this I tough it was a simple cut and paste script on your page. Now I know otherwise. But that is the fun of this project, to explore and learn.


What I am really thankful for is the great support and help that TCH forum members have given me. Without their insight I will probably be still entangled in the same place.


Thank you all.



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