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Current Cpanel Web-Based E-Mail Client

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Hello, everyone.


I use Mozilla Thunderbird for all of my domain's e-mail. I haven't gotten some e-mail from someone, and went into CPanel to see if I could find it, in case it was trapped by a spam filter.


It's been a while since I have been in my CPanel, and it looks quite different now. I do not see a web-based mail client for my domain there.


Have the mail clients been removed? What should I use, in the current CPanel, to check for e-mail now?


Thank you very much!


J. Danniel

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In your c-panel you should see an "e-mail" section.

In there click on "accounts" and on the following page you should see your accounts.

In the "more" button on each account line is a webmail option.

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