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Tch Now Offering Dedicated Spam Firewall Appliances

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TotalChoice is pleased to announce that we are now offering anti-spam firewalls by Mail Foundry. We have had a continued interest from our dedicated server clients for Anti-Spam Solutions. Over the past year we have been deploying anti-spam firewalls from Mail Foundry with excellent results.


"Yes, I can confirm that the the Anti-Spam Appliance has stopped 99% of all my spam"

Riley McChesney - Mcdougall Auctions


"This device is amazing, all my spam has gone away and I can once again see how great email is"

Jonathon Rishkin - 123 Enterprises


These devices are available to protect your entire dedicated server, domains and all of the email accounts. We have seen effective rates of 97% with several options available to the end user.


TotalChoice offers these devices as fully managed as well. This means you will never have to worry about setting up emails, tweaking spam filters, worrying about missing emails and so on. TCH handles 100% of your Spam Filtering.


If you would like more details please feel free to contact me or open a support request and we will be more than happy to rid your inboxes of all your spam.


Happy Hosting

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