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How Is Tch Doing?


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Hi all,


This might perhaps be a strange or misplaced question and maybe the sentence "No News is Good News" applies here, but I have a feeling that there seems to be not much going on at the moment? What I mean is that communication towards the clients seems to be slow. There is little or no news on Facebook, Twitter or the blog while I had the impression you had hired someone a few years back for the communication to the clients? There also seem to be little development towards newer services?


Perhaps I have missed important communications, that's also possible. I just hope that everything is going well and that "no news" indeed means that everything is running smoothly, which I certainly hope.


I'm a client of TCH for 10 years now and you guys have never let me down so thumbs up!




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Hello Ron,


We are well alive and kicking, just been busy in the background. That does not mean we are responding slow to our clients. The quick response you got for the ticket you posted to our support department a few minutes back should clear any doubts you have regarding the same :) .

Our management is planning out new products which are still under development. As always, we will be updating the news here as things progress.


Thank you for your concerns, continued interest and business.

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I agree that we have been absent of late and this was for good reason. However, over the next few days we will be returning to our social presence with some really nice announcements.


Happy Hosting and thank you for your business.

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