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Firefox Will Only Support Https From Now On! What Can Total Choice


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On April 30th, Mozilla said that it will deprecate support for HTTP for its Fireofx web browser, in favor of HTTPS only.

That means that every site would need a certificate to be viewed by the web browser.



The problem, or more the econcern is small sites like mine. My site is more of a hobby, and not a buisness. I cannot afford those costly certificates.

Apparently they are "free" ones you can get, but those are nothing more than """free""", hidden costs like if you dont' renew at the right moment, manually, they will chasrge you a lot of money.


I was wondering if TotalChoice Hosting will start providing the ability to have certificates, at least on the lower plans which targets smaller sites or low income sites, and not buisness level applications.


My concern is the loss of people, the little I have, visting my page. It doesn't help, that Firefox shows big scary warnings with non CA certified certificates, or now (well soon), that have none, like the site is infested with malware and such.





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I don´t think this will be a problem for some time, since their FAQ says:


Does this mean my unencrypted site will stop working?
Not for a long time. Transitioning the web to HTTPS is going to take some time. The first
thing we’re going to do is require HTTPS for new features. So whatever your website does
today, it will still work for months or years.
In the long run, there is some discussion of removing or limiting features that are currently
available to unencrypted sites. Those changes will be announced well ahead of any change,
so you’ll have time to update your site either to not rely on those features or, we hope, to
move to HTTPS. And any such changes will be made only after consultation with the web
community, to make sure we’re striking an appropriate balance between functionality and


Whole story: blog.mozilla.org/security/2015/04/30/deprecating-non-secure-http/


The faq I referred to can be found here: blog.mozilla.org/security/files/2015/05/HTTPS-FAQ.pdf

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